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Personal Data Protection Policy


This website (hereinafter referred to as “The Website”) has been developed by Sara Tours OOD (LTD), (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “Us”).

Thank you for your interest and because you are using our site and services! The protection of your personal data is important to us! We would like further to present to your attention some information regarding the method we use, operating with your personal data when our website is in use. Unless otherwise provided in the next Chapters, the legal motive enabling us to process your personal data is derived from the fact that we need to process your personal data in order to provide the functionality of the website you have ordered.

Use of our Website

When you put down the address of our website, your browser shall transfer certain data to our web-server. This effect is due to technical and marketing reasons and it is necessary to enable us to provide the requested information to you. To facilitate your access to the website, the following data are collected, kept and used:

- Information from your computer, telephone, tablet or another device you use to receive our services. This information may include IP address, the browser used by you and your language settings.

- geolocation;

- date and time of access;

- access status / HTTP status code;

- data range transferred;

- browser, language settings, browser version, operative system and surface.

Moreover, to protect our legal interests, we shall keep these data for certain period of time to be able to initiate personal data monitoring in case of a really unauthorized access or attempt, to our servers.

2. Personal data

We collect and process your personal data in case you voluntarily submit them to us, completing our booking form or questionnaire (e.g. booking forms/questions in the site, by e-mail or phone).

We use the data submitted, to:

-          process your questions;

-          perform activities related to your bookings;

-          hold correspondence with you, related to your bookings or inquiries;

-          hold our financial and accounting business and tax reporting;

-          provision of marketing services;

-          send a bulletin.

The data we collect and process in this regard include:

Names and contact information (contact telephone number, e-mail);

Your preferences and booking details;

Payment details (bank information).

In case you provide us with personal information about third parties with respect to pour services (e.g. if you are making reservation for another person), you shall declare that you are authorized to provide this information and we shall collect, use and keep it in conformity with our Confidentiality Policy. Nevertheless, we have to remind you herewith that you have to assume the responsibility to inform the person(s) whose personal data you have provided that you have shared those personal data (as it has been described in this Personal Data Protection Policy).

Provision of third parties’ data in the context of contract fulfillment

In connection with the fulfillment of your booking, questioning and/or any other service provided by Sara Tours Ltd., we shall, to a certain extent, use specialized contractors. These contractors are carefully selected and are submitted to regular checks. On the grounds of the relevant agreements with the data processor, latter shall process personal data under our instructions only and also under the strict observation of our directives.

Marketing-purposed data processing:

Your data shall be processed with legal and fixed purposes only, as described in our Confidentiality Policy.

We keep and process these data for a period of 15 years, unless you have provided your explicit consent to us to continue using them after the expiration of this period. You may refuse, at any time, your data for the purposes or our direct marketing to be used,  sending a notification in this concern to saratours@gmail.com.

For the purposes of our marketing, we provide your data to our business partners (e.g. advertising agencies); to software and IT companies maintaining our information systems; to persons specialized in personal data processing; to other entities: personal data administrators within the Republic of Bulgaria, European Union and European Economic Area, Sara Tours Ltd has signed contracts with.

To the purposes of our marketing we apply automated decision making, profiling and re-marketing.

Comments by visitors and other information related to your stay.During and after your accommodation, you may be invited to make some comments, Providing your comments in writing, you agree that it may appear in our site.

Safety and reliable service promoting: to create a reliable medium for you, we may use personal data to disclose and prevent from frauds and other illegal or undesirable acts. Similarly, we can use personal data to assess the risk and for security measures, including to identify users and bookings. To similar ends, we can hold or cancel some specific bookings until our checks are completed.

Legal purposes: In some cases we may need to use your information to process and settle legal disputes, for regulatory researches and conformity, for the application of the rules of                                                                                                       online booking service use, or to comply with any lawful requests of a jurisdictory authority.

Personal data provision is voluntary. Nevertheless, depending on the type of service you want to use, we shall be possible able to render this specific service to you only if a certain personal information is collected. So, we cannot process your booking, if your names and contact details are not available.

Data processing outside EU / EEA

Your data shall be partially processed in countries that are not EU  (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area) members, having a lower data protection level than European countries.  In these cases we shall guarantee a sufficient protection level of your data, signing, for instance, specific agreements with our contractual partners, or shall ask for your explicit consent about such a processing.

Social media-related services and functions

We may integrate services related to social media (such as messages to social media) you can communicate us through. We may also sustain profiles in social media. Any time you contact us through social media, the provider of the respective social media may allow you to share information with us. If you chose to share, you will be informed by the provider what information shall be shared. It may include your e-mail address, age and profile photos, kept in your profile.

Whichare the safety and security procedures we undertake to provide your personal data protection?

We observe and undertake the proper procedures to prevent any unauthorized access to, and improper use of your personal data.

We use the respective business systems and procedures to protect and keep safety your personal data you provide to us. We also apply procedures to provide security and technical and physical restrictions of access to and use of personal data on our servers. Only authorized personnel has access to personal data, to comply with its official purposes.

We shall keep your personal data for such a period of time we think fit, to enable you to enjoy our services, to enable us to provide our services and to observe the applicable laws, to settle disputes with any parties and anything else necessary to us to do our business, including, but not limited to disclose and prevent frauds or any other illegal activities. Any and all personal data we are keeping shall be subject to this Confidentiality Declaration. If you have any question about any specific period of keeping of certain category of any personal data we process for you, please, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact particulars set forth below.

Children’s personal data?

Our services are not targeted to persons under 18 years of age. In some specific cases, as part of the booking, or in other extraordinary situations (such as family comfort), Sara Tours Ltd may collect and use information about children only under parent’s or tutor’s consent. In the cases we process information regarding a child under 16, without the explicit parent’s or tutor’s consent, we preserve the right to delete this information.

Personal information and control.

When using your personal data on the basis of your consent, you shall be entitled to withdraw this consent at any time in full observation of applicable Law. Moreover, whenever we process your personal data in the ground of a lawful interest, or public interest, you shall be authorized to contest, at any time, this use of your personal data, under the condition that all applicable laws have been observed.

You shall be entitled to receive any information regarding your personal data kept with us.

You may pretend any corrections, deletion, or restriction of the processing of your personal data.

You may contest any processing due to any reasons related to your legal interests, public interests or profiling, unless we can prove that insuperable and guaranteed reasons are present and these reasons are of priority with respect to your interests, rights and freedoms, or that this processing is to be done in order to lay, exercise or defend any judicial claims.

You may, at any time, withdraw your consent regarding the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the future. For any additional information, please refer to the above paragraphs, where data processing based on your consent is described.

We count on you to guarantee that your personal data are full, correct and updated. Please, inform us immediatelyin case of any changes of or inaccuracies in your personal data, contacting us. If you have any objections against your personal data processing in virtue of any lawful interest and you have no mechanism of refusal available, please, contact as at saratours@gmail.com.

D. Revisions of the Personal Data Protection Policy

We may update, from time to time, our Personal Data Protection Policy. Any relevant updates shall be published in our website. All modifications shall be enforceable as soon as they are published in our website. So, we recommend to you to visit our site, to be informed about any possible updates.


The use of “cookies”

We use cookies to better understand your use of this website. This allows us to improve your future experience with our website; it enables us to make traffic analysis, also for advertising purposes, and to protect our legal interests. These technologies are used either by us, or by our business partners, including service and advertising providers we deal with and representing third parties. You can see below a detailed information regarding the use of cookies at this website and how you can manage or withdraw your consent at any time in this concern.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in the memory of your end device through your browser. They save certain information (e.g. your preferred language or site settings), which your browser can (according to the period a cookie is stored for) transfer to us again at your next visit to our website. There are different types of cookies: “session” cookies, deleted at the end of your browser session and “permanent”, which are not automatically deleted when you close your browser. Our ambition is cookies to be used at maximum activity up to 5 years. Only in the cases of extraordinary situations – e.g. due to security measures and when it is absolutely necessary – cookies shall be activated for a longer period of time.

In addition to cookies, other similar tracking technologies are in use. They can include pixel markers (also called GIFs, web markers or pixels), tracking URL addresses or software development kits (SDKs). Pixel markers are tiny graphic images, frequently composed by one pixel, which can be delivered to your computer as a part of website order, in an application, in adverts or HTML of an e-mail message. Pixels can be used to extract information from your device, such as your device or operation system type, IP address and the time you have spent in the site or in the application. They can be used to read and use cookies in your browser. Tracking of URL addresses is used to understand to which website you have been retransferred to use the websites or applications of sofiaapartments.net or saratours.bg. The software development kits (SDKs) are small parts of a code included in the applications and its function is similar to the function of “cookies and pixel markers.

All this technologies are called “Cookies” this Cookies Use Declaration.

What cookies do we use?

We know several categories of cookies:

  1. Technical cookies: these cookies allow us to show you our website and to be sure that our site works correctly. These cookies are absolutely necessary for the correct functioning of our website.
  2. Functional cookies; without them, the functionality of our website would be limited. We use functional cookies in order to memorize your preferences and to help you use our website and application accordingly and efficiently.
  3. Website analysis by Google Analytics

Google (Universal) Analytics uses such methods as cookies that allow the analysis of your use of the website. Google shall analyze your use of our website on our behalf. The automatically collected information about the use of the website is generally transferred to a USA Google server, where it shall be saved and analyzed. The respective results shall be presented to us in unindentified form. Moreover, Google is certified pursuant to EU-US Privacy Shield, guaranteeing the maintenance of a proper level ofdataprotection in view to data processing by Google in the USA. This information is used to enable us to find what is working well and what must be improved; to understand the efficiency level of our advertising, in order to be permanently interesting to you, our clients. The data collected may include the websites you have visited, which ones you have visited and closed, what types of platforms you have used and which of them you have taken action on, information about the date and duration. This means that we can use the data about your interaction with the website, for instance number of clicks you have made in certain site, the movements of the mouse and of the cursor of the mouse, the words you have used to search and the texts you have inserted in multiple margins. We can use analytical cookies as a part of our advertising campaigns, to understand how users interact with our website or applications after they have seen certain online ads.

We use cookies optionally, under your consent only.

During your first access to our website, a banner shall appear, requesting your consent to use cookies by choice. If you agree, we shall put a cookie on your computer and the banner shall not appear during the whole period of activity of the cookie.  Upon the expiry of the time of storage of the cookie or if you actively delete the cookie, the banner shall appear again the next time you visit our website and shall ask for your consent again.

How can you prevent cookies from being placed?

The settings of the cookies entirely depend on the browser used by you. If you opt not accept certain technical and/or functional cookies, probably you shall not be able to use some functions of our website. To learn more about cookies and how to manage or delete them, just visit allaboutcookies.org and the Help section of your browser. In your browser settings, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome you can preset what cookies you shall accept, and which of them you will refuse. The place you can find these settings depends on the browser you use.

Naturally, you may use our website without using any cookies at all. In your browser, you can, at any time, configure, or completely deactivate the use of cookies. However, this may lead to some limitations of the functionalities or to provoke some negative impact on the facility of use of the website.